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The birth and evolution of a bean bag chair!

The history of bean bag is very interesting. They were first designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro when they noticed the staff would sit on bags filled with styrofoam during their coffee and cigarette breaks. They were later produced by the Italian company Zanotta in 1969. Soon they became a globally recognised piece of furniture. In today’s world, bean bags have become a commodity of all modern houses and many of the new-age offices and start-ups are also increasingly using them. Usually in India , bean bags are made up of artificial leather. But these leatherette bean bags can get really hot in summer resulting in accumulation of sweat. Some manufacturers have realised this problem and have come up with covers made...

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How to select eco-friendly furniture for Indian weather!

Many of the Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bombay have a semi-arid , humid subtropical climate where the average temperatures can spike up to 50 degrees Celsius . To make sure that you enjoy your summers, it is important to decide what kind of furniture to buy which is best suited for Indian weather. bamboo furniture : In comparison to traditional wooden furniture, bamboo is more resistant to climatic changes. It handles moisture and heat very well as a result of which it does not get expanded in humidity or shrink in sun without any damages. It is mostly used for outdoor and is available in host of designs and knits. Bamboo furniture is light on pocket and serves...

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Purchasing bean bags? Here’s what to look for !

Its only been a couple of years that bean bags were introduced in India but the recent trend shows that both Indian eCommerce marketplaces and offline city shops stock all shapes and sizes of bean bags. But for an Indian consumer it is still a new concept. First time buyers face a lot of issues in deciding what quality, shape , size and colour of bean bags they should buy. Many bean bag sellers leverage this fact and try to cheat customers with inferior products. Majority of the bean bag sellers use cheap PVC/vinyl/rexine/artifical/faux leather to make bean bag covers. These cheap PVC material is known carcinogenic and is very dangerous when manufactured, as it requires large amounts of chlorine...

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