Purchasing bean bags? Here’s what to look for !

Its only been a couple of years that bean bags were introduced in India but the recent trend shows that both Indian eCommerce marketplaces and offline city shops stock all shapes and sizes of bean bags. But for an Indian consumer it is still a new concept. First time buyers face a lot of issues in deciding what quality, shape , size and colour of bean bags they should buy. Many bean bag sellers leverage this fact and try to cheat customers with inferior products.

Majority of the bean bag sellers use cheap PVC/vinyl/rexine/artifical/faux leather to make bean bag covers. These cheap PVC material is known carcinogenic and is very dangerous when manufactured, as it requires large amounts of chlorine with dioxin as a byproduct. Other toxins involved in its production are lead, which damages brain development and impairs cognitive ability; cadmium, a neurotoxin and carcinogen; and organotins, which suppress the endocrine and immune systems. PVC also contains phthalates, another known carcinogen linked to asthma and reproductive problems.

Not only are most of these materials are cancer-causing, they also are very uncomfortable for prolonged use. They induce sweating and due to the non-breathable nature , it causes skin diseases and skin rashes.

So, customer needs to be careful about what they choose in terms of fabric. There are other skin-friendly, eco-friendly options available in market. In terms of fabric, pure cotton is the best choice .An exclusive collection of bean bags are available from Urban Loom . Urbanloom is a new age company that manufactures bean bags made from pure cotton woven in traditional looms. Urbanloom bean bags are skin friendly, eco friendly , breathable and do not cause sweating when used for prolonged hours.These bean bags were designed keeping in mind the hot and humid weather of many of the Indian states.

Urbanloom cotton bean bags (www.facebook.com/urbanloom/shop)

In India most of the sellers have stereotyped bean bags to be of dull boring colors. Most of the bean bags are made up of single dull color or some weird prints that do not go with your home decor. The stitching is so poor that the bean bags are torn off in just 3–4 months and are rendered useless.

Urban Loom bean bags are extremely durable due to the higher thread count and cotton spun. What makes it even more elegant is the weaving designs that are a part of fabric itself. These bean bags come with very exciting colors and patterns. Urban Loom team puts in a lot of effort researching what goes best with Indian consumers and then decided the fabric, colors and designs which keeping the prices affordable.

So next time you decide to purchase bean bags, do not simply believe sellers. Buy the best for you and your cozy home!