About Us

Today, Growing concern over climate change is altering the way we historically thought about lifestyle and leisure. With awareness of the negative impact of synthetic fabrics increasing, consumers are searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and are eager to adopt natural fibres. But there are still barriers to entry, including availability and variety which leaves the consumer with limited choice.

Started in 2018, Urbanloom is a homegrown brand that brings high-quality, naturally sourced home furnishing products for the Indian consumer. With its foundation in sustainability, Urbanloom makes conscious consumerism stylish and functional for everyone. As an inclusive brand, we use both traditional and modern techniques to create unique products that are built to last. 

We have an in-house production unit where we designing eco-friendly, skin-friendly, comfortable, stylish, colourful & luxurious range of cotton , jute & denim bean bags, poufs, ottomons and other home furnishing products. Urbanloom is emerging as a prominient eco-conscious brand, which is all set to revamp the home and lifestyle space with sustainable alternatives. 

We supply bean bags from tech start-ups and incubators to urban cafes and spas. For bulk and corporate inquiries, drop an email to support@urbanloom.in or message us at www.facebook.com/urbanloom