How to select eco-friendly furniture for Indian weather!

Many of the Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bombay have a semi-arid , humid subtropical climate where the average temperatures can spike up to 50 degrees Celsius . To make sure that you enjoy your summers, it is important to decide what kind of furniture to buy which is best suited for Indian weather.

  1. bamboo furniture : In comparison to traditional wooden furniture, bamboo is more resistant to climatic changes. It handles moisture and heat very well as a result of which it does not get expanded in humidity or shrink in sun without any damages. It is mostly used for outdoor and is available in host of designs and knits. Bamboo furniture is light on pocket and serves the purpose very well.
  2. Cotton Sofas and Bean Bags: Faux leather sofas and bean bags give out a sticky feeling in hot weather and are generally not suitable for Indian homes. As a replacement, cotton is being increasingly used as an upholstery material for sofa and bean bags. They are breathable and can help you in keeping well-ventilated. Keeping the weather of Indian cities in mind, Urban Loom has designed a premium collection of bean bags from pure organic cotton fabric woven in traditional looms . The Urban Loom bags are extremely durable due to the higher thread count and cotton spun and are almost as thick as leather. Not only can they designed to take extreme pressure , they are also Eco-friendly , skin friendly and breathable since they are made from hand loom or power loom cotton. They are also the best anti-sweat alternative to the more prevalent artificial leather bean bags in India. The use of organic cotton makes them hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, making it a good choice for those prone to allergies, asthma and those with sensitive skin. Urban Loom bean bag chairs, poufs and ottomans come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. This makes it easy to select a style that fits with your own personal taste and color scheme of your bed or living room. Cotton fabric can make the room an inviting and relaxing place to curl up and enjoy the summers. Urban Loom bean bag covers are removable, so they can be washed. This is a huge advantage, and means that your bean bag will stay clean and smell fresh.
Urbanloom organic cotton bean bag
Urbanloom bean bags

3. Jute Furniture : Just like cotton, just is an excellent choice of furniture upholstery. The Jute fiber comes from the stem and ribbon of the jute plant and is hence a natural fiber. Jute is a good insulator of heat, provides UV protection, has low thermal conduction and is anti-static; hence the fabric is inherently cool and does not cause skin irritations.

There are many other fabrics made from natural fibers like banana fiber, linen and silk which are light and airy. Furniture made from these fabrics can provide comfort in scorching summers. So this time around , when you plan to add a piece of furniture to your home, get an Eco-friendly option!